We at DSFH believe in our employees and consider that retaining a professional workforce requires more than a continuous upgrade of salary scale. Maintaining a good, balanced, leisure-work relationship coupled with promoting a healthy life style are crucial for recruiting and retaining those talented staff. We are proud that some of the benefits we recently offered to our employee like the full life insurance plan, the two days weekend, the free vaccination and smoking cessation plans are unique in the private healthcare sector. Beginning 2012, we formulated two new committees; the Housing and Transportation Committee and the Cultural and Social Committee. The Cultural and Social Committee will be responsible for conducting and supervising social activities and includes representatives from different nationalities to ensure that cultural issues are well addressed.The Housing and Transportation Committee will be responsible for the continuous upgrading of the housing and transportation facilities aiming to improve staff satisfaction and moral.

We believe that building a nationally competitive workforce is vital for the competitiveness of the country. Creating a strong pool of human capital improves national economic performance, company productivity, household incomes, and overall community prosperity. Apart from our recruitment and retention policy that emphasizes our Saudiazation plan, we have revised our salary scales and increased the benefits for Saudi nationals in order to be competitive. In addition, we have opted to follow the recently introduced minimum wage recommendation in alignment with that of Saudi's working in the Government Sector. Furthermore, in an effort to retain our Saudi Nursing Graduates following completion of internship and beyond we have increased all graduate nursing salaries by 15% on completion of Saudi Council Classification and receipt of Saudi Licensure to practice.

Benefits offered to full time employee


Transportation allowances

Food allowances

Work nature allowances


Retention benefits

Medical insurance

Ticket to home country

Annual leave 30 days yearly

Insurance life

Moreover, our HR Department always takes the necessary measures to ensure that the benefits we provide are matching or exceeding that required by the Saudi Labor Law including the benefits of End Of Service.