Al-nahdi Campaign


“Wazen” is a health awareness program aimed at educating and triggering serious action towards maintaining a good well being in the kingdom and work on becoming the healthiest community.


Jeddah Community/Residents


Al-Nahdi Pharmacy Group


2016 / on going


A full evaluation/Medical status Report was performed in 20 patients inclusive of their weight loss records, muscle mass, and diet program. three out of 20 participants were nominated supported by our judging committee.

The Report

Date:Thursday 4th of February, 2016

Venue: Al-Nahdi Company

Attendees: Participants, Community, Media (Alf Alf FM, Arab News, other News paperreporters). Officials from both Chamber of Commerce and Ministry of Health, and Al Nahdi staff +CEO,

Time: 9:00 am – 1:00 pm


Three out of 20 participants were declared winners based on evaluation
Fakeeh was announced as Medical Partner of initiative and recognized for its contribution
Nahdi has announced the intention to continuing the program throughout the whole Kingdom