Safety at the Workplace

We at DSFH strive to ensure that national and international standards and guidelines for employee safety are well implemented. Our responsible practices are built on those pillars. We coordinate with the Civil Defense, Labor Office, and GOSI in terms of all governmental regulations. We also follow the Joint Commission International (JCI) and Australian Council of HealthCare Standards International (ACHSI) rules and the highest international standards in healthcare, for excellence in healthcare quality, and operational excellence including workplace health and safety and patient service. Our employee manual, contracts, policies, and procedures ensure complete adherence to those protocols. We track several indicators relevant to our H&S performance metrics. These include 1) non-compliance cases with guidelines concerning H&S of patients 2) Occupational injuries, and 3) Mandatory staff vaccinations compliance. We also keep records of training attendance such as fire and evacuation drills.

In 2010 we introduced pre-employment screening for Varicella through our employment agencies in order to ensure immunity among our new recruits. In addition, we commenced a free vaccination program for our staff. Our efforts in implementing a healthy and safe environment were crowned by being accredited for OHSAS 18001 in 2011.

Health & Safety Practices

  • Existence of a material safety Data Sheet within each unit
  • Proper labeling and storage of hazardous material
  • Safe handling and disposal of medical instruments/materials after usage
  • PPE equipment available
  • Periodical check-ups for floors and stairs
  • Regular safety inspections

Manual Handling Policy

We understand that building a healthy and safe environment requires proper communication channels within the hospital. In DSFH, health and safety issues are managed by The Health, Safety, Environment, and Security (HSES) Department. Moreover, there are 3 committees managing different aspects of health and safety; The Infection Control Committee (ICC), The Performance Improvement & Patient Safety Committee (PIPSC), and the Sustainability, Environment & Facility Safety Committee (SEFSC). Additionally, we have safety designees within each department who are responsible for addressing health and safety issues among colleagues.

Actions Undertaken as part of our responsibility towards ensuring safe employee-patient contact

  • Pre-employment vaccination
  • Review immunizations and update employees on them.
  • Monitoring exposure to infectious diseases.
  • Proper disposal and sterilization of all tools used for diagnosis and treatment of patients.
  • Maintaining employee overall health records.
  • Pamphlets and brochures and books educating about personal and work hygiene.