Charity Office

Charity Office

We at DSFH understand the differences between philanthropic activities and sustainable practices. Our philanthropy was highlighted by establishing a Charity Office in 2009. The charity program is led by certified social workers to ensure that only needy patients receive funding. We are really proud of being the first hospital that has implemented the process of deducting one riyal from each patient’s bill for the benefit of the Charity Office. DSFH also routinely waives the medical bill for patients who cannot afford to pay. In the last three years our investment in charity reached 18 million Saudi Riyals.

For more information about charity office please refer to 6655000Ext:6605

Our Social Investment in 2011 is categorized and described in the following table:

ActivityAmount in SAR

Contribution to Charity   2,900,000

Free Medical Treatment    4,015,265

Community Activities    430.240

Charity Office    993,123

It is worth mentioning that 9,578 people have received free medical treatment in 2011. Moreover, the figure above does not include other cash contributions to community development such as the investment in Khadija Attar Dispensary Mosque, Logistic and Medical Support for NGO’s activities and others.